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A new giveaway on my store blog. You could win these stitch markers OR a coupon for 20%off from my store.

The giveaway ends Feb 29, 2012. Details on the Amber Threads blog here.

January giveaway on Amberthreads

A new giveaway on my store blog here. Giving away a skein of lovely banana silk yarn in a color of your choice. Here are some pictures. Detail on my store blog! Happy crafting!

Isn't Bangalore/Bengaluru beautiful again?

I've been living in the USA for a while now and like most NRIs I miss Namma Bengaluru a lot. Notice I did not say "home". I don't do that anymore. For now USA is my home where I have my space, my life and I feel most at-home at my home here. But there is that eternal longing to return. There's also that nostalgia when I hear a particular song or eat a particular food but those are just momentary and they pass. I'm pretty sure though, that if I move and make my home in Bengaluru, I will feel most at-home there.

I do make it a point to visit Bengaluru often and after the initial couple of days of just-returned-from-the-states attitude (which I'm pretty sure annoys my sister), I begin to notice how things ARE getting better there. The roads are not as clogged, the people are driving better, there is just a little bit more greenery than the previous visit and the roads are cleaner. I saw more sensitivity among people driving. The "Me first" attitude has reduced and I see more people give way to other drivers so that intersections aren't blocked. I've seen better lane discipline on wider roads and ring roads and I'm pretty sure it'll find it's way to the smaller roads as well. So you NRIs who've just visited Bengaluru and say "Arrey traffic was so bad", I think it's just a habit. I always tell my friends it was better than last time.

I noticed that garbage was being handled well. By handled I mean, that a little tempo comes and collects garbage every morning and I didn't see overflowing dumpsters ANYWHERE! People seem to care about how their street looks as well. And the rain, the rain smelt as good as ever! I can't talk of Bangalore and not mention the rain :-)!

And the neighborhood parks! There seem to be many more parks than there used to be and they are all very well maintained with really colorful and updated playing structures for kids. I was very pleased to see that the park I grew up playing in is better and more beautiful now (and cleaner) and my son enjoyed playing there.

One thing that bothers me most about Bengaluru now is the consumerism that seems to have overtaken it. The hoardings everywhere, the crowds in the malls, the traffic around malls, weekends in and around malls and malls in general. We visited a couple of people this time and it was amusing how everyone gave us directions to their house from a nearby shopping mall. They are the landmarks now. Nothing wrong with that except for the fact that there are malls springing up everywhere.

I was wondering what I should do to entertain my 3 yr old and all the suggestions I got were to visit different shopping malls in the city. I suppose living there and visiting are two different things and people living there of course have other ways to entertain their 3 yr olds. But other than the local parks, which I must not forget to mention were also recommended and shopping malls/events there was little else that I could entertain my son with when his cousins weren't available. I do have to admit though, that this a smaller and more easily solved problem than the earlier traffic woes. So overall I'm very pleased with my Bengaluru and I thank whoever is responsible for this, I'm guessing the Mahanagara Palike, the traffic police and the people. I for one have noticed that Bengaluru is beautiful again!

December Giveaway on Amber Threads

A new giveaway on the Amber Threads blog. I'm giving away a coupon for a discount of 15% on your entire purchase from my store. Plus free shipping this entire month. So hurry and check out how to enter here!

November Giveaway on Amber Threads

I'm hosting a giveaway on my Amber Threads blog. I'm giving away two gorgeous skeins of Duke Silk Yarn. Here are the details. And here's a pic of the yarn I'm giving away. 10 days to go!

My yarn store is open

I'm really excited to share that my online yarn store is now open! Check out! Also check out my other blog for generous giveaways every month and lots of yarny info.

Here are pictures of some of the yarn I have in my store!

Hand made beaded stitch markers

I went to the local craft supplies shop and was casually browsing the bead aisles. Well, I always wanted to take up beading as another hobby (in addition to spinning, dyeing and weaving), but I'm not a big jewelry wearer. So it was easy for me not to indulge. But I always browsed the beading aisles out of curiosity and the last time I saw these things called toggle clasps. And it occurred to me that these would make great snag free stitch markers. And that's when I caved in, and bought all the tools needed. Different kinds of pliers, head pins, wires, beads and toggle clasps. And here's the outcome.
My first stitch markers by vin E

My first stitch markers
And while I was looking online for tips on using the various tools I came across this tutorial on making stitch markers. It's a nice step by step tutorial with great pictures. What d'ya know, my idea was not so original after all. Well the square stitch markers probably are.
The stitch markers are lightweight and snag free. The square ones can fit up to US size 11 needles and the round ones can fit up to size 13 needles. Now to find a project to use them on. Or someone to gift them to :-).
I also saw these other things called silicone rings - these, which would make great stitch markers just by themselves or with some beads hanging from them. That would be my next beading project.

What I've been upto

I know I haven't blogged in a long while, that's because I've been busy. Busy setting up my online store - shh.. (how is shh spelt, did you know there is no such word in the dictionary, hmm.. (now this word is in the dictionary)). About the store, well it's real fun setting it up all by myself putting many open source softwares together. I hope I enjoy running the store as much as I like setting it up. Maybe I should just make a business of setting up online stores.

Apart from the store, I've been busy knitting. Here's what I've created in the last few months. And look to this right side panel -> for my current works in progress.

A hat for the lil dude


A market bag, I love this bag. It was fun to crochet it and I love how it's assembled. It's HUGE and very useful.


This cardi. Not such a good picture, but a great cardi. The color is more beautiful than it appears here.

Garden Party Cardi

This tank for my neighbor's lil girl. I made a total of 3, 2 for my nieces, but my sis is too busy to get me pictures of the tanks. Well yeah, I was busy too!

Indu's Tank Top

I also figured out how to make my own labels for my hand-knits. Here's a pic of the label. And here's a link to the tutorial.

Indu's Tank Top

And hey I also knit this shell for my busy sis. 'Tolja i was busy.

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